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Printed integrated circuits

The company App Studio for years cooperates with verified manufacturers of printed integrated circuits, and hence we are in a position to offer you PCB supplies from a verified source at attractive prices and short performance time.

Technical data of offered printed panels:

1Maximal number of layers32
2Maximal panel size650 x 500 mm
3Minimal panel thickness (ready made)0.2 mm
4Maximal panel thickness (ready made)7.0 mm
5Maximal thickness of laminate layer0.1 mm
6Minimal copper thickness12 µm
7Accuracy of hole drillings+/-0.076 mm
8Milling accuracy+/-0.13 mm
9Cutting accuracy0.25 mm
10V-cut scoring accuracy+/-0.15 mm
11Metalized hole tolerance+/-0.076 mm
12Non-metalized hole tolerance+/-0.05 mm
13Minimal drilling diameter0.2 mm
14Minimal path width3 mil
15Minimal width of soldering mask4 mil
16Maximal size of PCB for electric test508 x 600 mm
17Material manufacturersB, SY, ITEQ
18Tolerance of contours+/-0.13 mm
19Blind grommetsmade by us
20Laser drillingsmade by us

Our offer

You are welcome to get yourself familiar with our offer, which includes:

  • SMT assembly
  • THT assembly
  • provision of stencils for stencil printers
  • provision of PCB panels
  • completion of electronic elements
  • mechanical treatment and marking of casings